“The times they are a-changin” are words sung by song writer, Bob Dylan, in the 60’s as an anthem of change for the time. Here we are 50+ years later and we continue to experience change daily. Change can frighten us and cause anxiety because it takes us away from the “normal”, the “comfortable” and the predictable. However, change really promotes new ideas, motivates us to try new things and explore” parts of us that we want to understand better.

In the world of counseling/therapy, options for clients and therapists have also changed and for the better. With the development and acceptance of telehealth counseling, new avenues have been opened to people who, for whatever reasons, have not been able to reach out for emotional and mental health counseling.

For those of us who do the counseling/therapy, this option offers those people who, for whatever reason, choose to remain in their home or office for sessions or who find their busy schedule or even illness hindering them from considering services.  Telehealth counseling is a definite answer.

Telehealth counseling makes counseling available to those who find going to an office stressful even scary.  Illness, fatigue, pain, even transportation can be a barrier to receiving services. For those who suffer with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health challenges and who thought counseling is not available…there is an option. We have the technology, let’s use it and together start your journey.

My philosophy is that anyone who wants to have counseling, and do their “own work” deserves to have that available to them.  Please contact me at 727-301-7884 or [email protected] for a free consultation. We can get acquainted and I will explain further about telehealth counseling and explore your pathway to understanding and change.

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Tele-counseling makes counseling available at the time you need it.

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